Activity Concept

1.Association Purpose

The activity concept is founded on the purpose clause of Article 2 of the Statutes. smiles4africa is a non profit organization (NPO) whose goal is raising financial aid for disadvantaged children and supporting self help strategies. The association is committed to social justice and fights against exploitation and abuse of children at home and abroad. It is the aim of the association to support existing aid projects which pursue the above objectives in both financial and material terms. The main objective is to support AIDS orphans and children from disadvantaged families. The association may join national or international organizations pursuing the same or related goals. Association activities serve the interests of the public.

smiles4africa has no commercial purposes and does not seek profits.

smiles4africa accordingly is a nonprofit organization specialized in the area of development work.

2.Guiding Principles

By following up on various personal commitments, such as the Centre of Interest in Uganda, we found that very few orphans have the opportunity to attend school as their foster families are usually unable to pay school fees. smiles4africa offers on location involvement through volunteers, financial support and extended support for existing projects to improve local living conditions.

3.Implementation and Strategy

Education and vocational training:
smiles4africa enables orphans and vulnerable children, adolescents and young adults in Uganda to attend school. This is achieved by taking over the costs of school fees, teaching materials and other incidental expenses.
smiles4africa encourages children and young people to attend vocational training and hereby contribute to a long-term sustainable future perspective.

Sponsorship of children

Sponsorships are issued in the assurance of school attendance and a high quality education for each and every child as first priority. A sponsorship allows one to one support making this the most effective and direct form of help.

Project support
Project support is offered through on-site aid by volunteers of smiles4africa and through financial contributions or cooperation with other organizations and projects in Uganda and Cameroon. Care is taken to the autonomy and self-determination in the lives of people and communities. People develop through professional support and by using their personal resources and perception.The central purpose is help to self help.


smiles4africa relies primarily on donations.


smiles4africa is currently made up of a team of founding members who divide the various tasks among themselves.

Olivia Steinmann Occupation: Practitioner in Social work

Board Members:
Toni Steinmann Occupation: Ground Engineer and SR Technical Operation.
Rahima Akello Occupation: Care Assistant SRK


Ugandan Representative:
Catherine Namaganda

Homepage: www.smiles4africa.org  Organization and current projects