Education a stepping stone to a better Africa

We are looking for donors or godparents, to help orphans and students who need financial support for their education.


«smiles4africa» has been founded in 2010 and received CHF 81,929.00 in donations by the end of 2020. CHF 75,808.00 were spent and thus,

  • 10 children education,
  • 4 young people completed vocational training (as a hotel specialist, car mechanic, bricklayer and travel specialist with IATA exam).
  • Enabled Olivia a 3 month internship.
  • Supported the deaf and dumb home in Kitengesa with contributions.
  • Paid annual rent for the Teenage Mother Center.
  • Bought a boy a wheelchair so he could go to school.
  • Paid for Hospital, doctors visits and medication.
  • Helped a woman in a wheelchair with food during Covid-19

    No mountains were moved, but it helped those in the need.

Harvesting helper thresh the traditional way.

Threshing of beans after drying.

At this point, we would like to thank to all donators. Thanks you and the good contacts, makes sure your donation goes to 100% to our children.    Are you ready to support us