Projects in Uganda which are supported by smiles4africa

The only Important thing In life are traces of love, we leave behind, when we go 
Albert Schweitzer

„a drop in the ocean“

The project „
a drop in the ocean“ is managed and supervised by our representative in Uganda. „a drop in the ocean„ is a spontaneous emergency aid for children and families. With the help of the project we enabled a boy with burns to stay in a hospital for treatment, after he was left without supervision for hours. Often there is no or only inadequate medical care, if no money for medication and treatment material is available.
Just a drop in the ocean, but it is worth it.

ST. Johns Educational Centre Mukono
Primar / Sekundar School and vocational centre. (Saloon, Schneiderin, Computer) 5 of our pupils study here at the school.

Good Samaritan a school for the deaf in Kitengesa.
The Good Samaritan School for the Deaf was established by Mrs. Scovia Nsamba and Mr. Edward Nsamba in 1996. Scovia’s interest in deaf education began with her deaf granddaughter, Madrine.  more