Report 2020

Catherine Namaganda (picture) represents our organization “smiles4africa“ in Uganda and manages the project “A drop in the ocean” autonomously, within her budget.This enables her to offer help to children and families with little means in her immediate vicinity.

For example with school books, food, plantains, sweet potatoes from the garden and taking over cost’s of medicines. In addition with a cost sharing to maintain the neighbourhood street.
Local neighbourhood help is also important for associations and NGOs to gain acceptance from the village community.

She is also responsible for ensuring that the school fees for the currently then children are paid on time. The director of St. John’s Primary School in Mukono grants us a reduction in fees. Quote: – I’ll give you a discount because I know that you always pay in on time and I can adjust my budget accordingly.-


«Smiles4africa» has been founded in 2010 and received CHF 81,929.00 in donations by the end of 2020. CHF 75,808.00 were spent and thus,

  • 10 children education,
  • 4 young people completed vocational training (as a hotel specialist, car mechanic, bricklayer and travel specialist with IATA exam).
  • Enabled Olivia a 3 month internship.
  • Supported the deaf and dumb home in Kitengesa with contributions.
  • Paid annual rent for the Teenage Mother Center.
  • Bought a boy a wheelchair so he could go to school.
  • Paid for Hospital, doctors visits and medication.
  • Helped a woman in a wheelchair with food during Covid-19    

No mountains were moved, but it helped those in the need.

Threshing of beans after drying.

COVID-19 is also prevalent in Uganda

In the meantime government relaxed the COVID-19 restrictions.Nevertheless, the poorest are suffering from the crisis. The income is gone. Food prices have skyrocket.

The schools are still closed but are expected to open in December. Nevertheless, there are still parentless children at ST John’s boarding school in Mukono, who need to be supplied with food and taken care of. Thus the school fees for the pupils are also owed.